About Matthew E. Perez

Who is Matthew E. Perez


Matthew E. Perez was born in Dallas, Texas and lived in the Preston Hollow area of Dallas before moving twice and ending up in the Las Colinas nearĀ Irving, Texas. From an early age Matthew had a knack for business to the point of starting his first small business at the age of eight years in which he sold the contents of airline vanity kits to his friends and family members. By the age of 16 Matthew had already thought of over 350 business ideas and was serving as the owner of his own marketing firm. When Matthew graduated from high school at the age of 17 years old he was also managing a marketing consulting firm in addition to his marketing agency.

Today, Matthew is the CEO and president of CondorRX which works with over 50,000 pharmacies to offer people and pets with and without insurance to get discounts on prescription and cosmetic medications for people and animals.

Matthew has established several grants that focus on Lupus, cancer, Parkinsons, and geographical research studies. These grants range from $1,000 to $5,000 and are used for the purpose of traveling or buying equipment. He also offers a $1,000 grant to purchase pet supplies for non-kill rescue shelters in the North Texas area. To learn more about the Office of Matthew E. Perez’s grant funding please click on the Grants tab of this website.

Matthew has been asked to appear in several movie and television programs. There was a possibility of Matthew appearing in a documentary about himself in 2009 but decided not to move forward due to a variety of reasons.